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Are Your bills pilling up? Are you struggling to keep up with your minimum payments while keeping food on the table and a roof over your head? You are not alone, and we can help!

At Bromwich & Smith, we have helped thousands of Albertans just like you gain control of their finances and start believing in their future again. Whether you need some simple advice, credit counselling, or the legal protection of a consumer proposal or a bankruptcy, we can help you too!

Stop Creditor Actions Today!

Bromwich & Smith is licensed by the Federal Government and Government of Alberta as Credit Counsellors, Consumer Proposal Administrators and Trustees in Bankruptcy. So, not only do we have the necessary skills to examine your financial situation and provide credit counselling, we also have the authority to present options to your creditors that will legally force them into a settlement and immediately stop all creditor actions.

  • Immediate protection from your creditors. (Yes, collection calls will stop.)
  • No fee payments from you. (We are paid through a government tariff.)
  • Forced settlements on all of your creditors (Even if some say no.)
  • Monthly payments based upon what you can afford (Not what the creditors are demanding.)

How do I determine which option is best?

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when determining the best solution to relieve your specific debt problems. The skilled team at Bromwich & Smith have over 40 years of debt help experience, and will be able to quickly determine which solution fits your unique financial situation, whether it be a consolidation loan, credit counselling, a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

Contact one of our consellors near you to get your questions answered today. There is no cost and no obligation for this initial consultation. We are available to serve you anywhere in Alberta.

Calgary at 403 266-6665 | Edmonton at 780 701-0431 | Toll free (866) 353-6726 or call one of our local numbers for the location nearest you.

If you prefer, you can contact us by email.

When you call you will be dealing with one of our qualified Credit Counsellors, Proposal Administrators and Bankruptcy Trustees. We will apply our years of debt solution experience to your unique financial situation and make recommendations to help you solve your debt problems. We look forward to offering you reliable, non-judgmental and professional help to take control of your finances and start living a debt free!

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