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NO HIDDEN FEES - We are paid by a gov't tariff

Canada Revenue Agency
Immediately stop all CRA collections. Letters & phone calls stop. Frozen accounts are released. 
Credit Card Debt & Bills
Only making minimum payments or missing payments?  High interest rates? We offer solutions to reduce or eliminate your credit card debt (and all other bills as well).
Wage Garnishee
Immediately stop wage garnishees.
Immediately stop all legal actions and collections on your unsecured loans, including bank and payday loans.
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Debt Problems? Debt Relief!

Stop ALL Creditor Actions and regain control of your finances today.

At Bromwich & Smith, Believing In Your Future is not a slogan. It's our philosophy. We understand that anyone can experience debt. We also understand that the stress that comes with debt can be devastating, slowly creeping into all aspects of your life. To try and go it alone can be difficult if not impossible. There comes a point where you need assistance to get you back on track. Bromwich & Smith is here to give you the assistance you need.

You are not alone. We Can Help!

We will go over your financial situation with you and help you determine what the best solution is for you, and whether your situation requires credit counselling or the legal protection of a consumer proposal or a bankruptcy. (Keep reading to learn how you can avoid Bankruptcy with a Consumer Proposal...a win-win for both you and your creditors).

Bankruptcy Does Not Have To Be Your Only Option.

You might be surprised to learn that the duty of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee isn't to steer you towards declaring bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is in fact always the last resort. Instead, we are tasked with finding the best solution for both you and the creditors, such as a Consumer Proposal. Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can administor a Proposal, and it truly can be a win-win for you and your creditors. A Consumer Proposal will provide you with an affordable monthly payment plan that is usually based on repaying only a percentage of what you originally owed, with no interest and no fee payments from you.

Here's how a Consumer Proposal works:

●Proposal is usually based on repayment of only a percentage of what you originally owed. Bromwich & Smith negotiates with your creditors for you, offering a settlement which allows debt to be paid over a period of up to 5 years, and is based on what your budget allows and not what creditors are demanding.
All creditors are legally forced into a settlement, even if not all agree.
Creditor actions are immediately stopped, including collection activities, wage garnishees, and all other legal actions.
All interest charges stop.
You pay one affordable monthly payment.
A consumer proposal does not touch your assets.
There are No Fee Payments from you. We are paid by a government tariff.

Yes, We Can Stop All Creditor Actions & Legally Force Your Creditors Into A Settlement

Bromwich & Smith is a Federally licensed Officer of the Court, acting as Credit Counsellors, Consumer Proposal Administrators and Licensed Insolvency Trustees (formally known as Trustees in Bankruptcy). So, not only do we have the necessary skills to examine your financial situation and provide credit counselling, we also have the legal authority to present options to your creditors that will immediately stop all creditor actions and legally force them into a settlement, based on what you can afford and not what creditors are demanding. If CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and/or other creditors are garnishing your wages, this too is immediately stopped.

No Hidden Fees

Only a Federally Licensed Proposal Administrator and Licensed Insolvency Trustee like Bromwich & Smith can administer a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. Some debt settlement services act primary as an information source, charging a fee and then turning your file over to a Proposal Administrator and Trustee to administer the actual procedure. When you deal with Bromwich & Smith, you are dealing directly with our Administrators and Trustees, where Federal legislation allows us to be paid by a government tariff, and not through any fee payments from you.

Believing In Your Future


There is a brighter tomorrow. A future without debt. And, at Bromwich & Smith, we are passionate about helping create this future for you. We have a professional team with over 40 years of debt settlement experience, and we understand. Our team lives in and around the Alberta cities, towns & communities we serve. We understand the local economy and have helped thousands of people across Alberta eliminate their debts and start Believing In Their Futures again.

Contact us today. We can provide the debt help you need, no matter what your financial situation and no matter where you live in Alberta. Your initial debt consultation is free. You can be rest assured, declaring and filing bankruptcy is not your only option.

We understand the effect that debt can have on your life. There are solutions, and we are here to help you every step of the way.
• Credit Counselling
• Consumer Proposal
• Bankruptcy (If a proposal just isn't right for you)

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How to get out of debt? We'll help you find the right debt solution!

We understand and we can help!

How do you decide which path is right for you?

Do you owe one or two creditors, or are there several creditors looking for payment? Do you have an income or are you out of work or is illness preventing you from working? Have creditors taken steps to garnish your wages? Do you have a mortgage, student loans, do you owe taxes, has credit card debt become overwhelming, are you only paying minimum payments or unable to pay off debt at all? And the list of questions goes on. 

How you answer each question plays a critical role in which debt solution will work best for you.  Choose the right path and you will be on your way to a brighter financial tomorrow. Choose a path that isn't the best for your unique financial situation, and you could end up with little or no protection against further creditor actions, and you might be risking losing assets and savings that would normally be protected under certain debt solutions, such as a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

We will eliminate the confusion and find the best solution for you.

Bromwich & Smith has helped thousands of Albertans become debt free, and we can help you too. During your free initial debt consultation, we will ask you a few simple questions to allow us to analyze your current financial situation.  With this information, we will be able to quickly determine the right path for you to get out of debt and start living debt free.

Talk to Us. Your debt free tomorrow starts here today.

Before taking action on eliminating your debt, it helps to know what options may be available to you. We've included some basic information about each option below. Take a look and then give us a call. We'll help you with the details and get you on the right path to solving your debt problems today.
Credit Counselling
Informal Arrangment
Sell Assets
Consolidation Loan
Consumer Proposal
Testimonials. Real bankruptcy stories.

Walking out of your office building was the first time in probably 6 years that I have felt a weight lift off of me and I still feel it. Thank you guys for this gift and this fresh start that my son and I finally have.


My Wife and I really appreciated all the information provided to us and the way the professionals at Bromwich & Smith Inc treated us with dignity. They really helped us to make the right decision, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is going through difficult times because of debt.


When we lost our business we were in a huge financial mess. I cancelled my voice mail because it would be filled with new messages everyday from bill collectors. We were scared to check the mail. Bromwich & Smith professionally showed us our options and helped us through this mess. My only regret is letting it drag on as long as we did. If your situation is anything like ours call and make an appointment. You have nothing to lose and so much peace of mind to gain

Steve T

Professional and understandable folk who help with any questions you might have and extremely friendly. 10/10

Jordan D

Amazing relief. but more importantly Sandy and Amanda were completely professional through my toughest of times. From the first call out for help Amanda was very professional and to the end Sandy you are truly a wonderful person, I made the perfect choice to call Bromwich & Smith.


7 years ago I went through a bad divorce and subsequently had some big financial problems as well as having some bad personal issues as a result of a divorce and custody of my children etc. I felt like I was backed into a corner and drowning in my problems (financial & personal). Once I had made the hard decision to contact Sandy Lyons at Bromwich & Smith, I felt like there was hope from all of the walls coming in on me. Sandy was very professional and helped explain in simple terms how the process would work. I would highly recommend using his services. It isn't an easy thing to go through but after speaking with Sandy he helped a lot to put my mind at ease and have someone who is a professional take over the helm and just listen to his suggestions & advice. Once there was darkness and now there is light.
Thanks again for all of your help!!!

Rob T

I approached Bromwich and Smith in Lethbridge, based on the testimonials posted on their website and I was NOT disappointed. Sandy Lyons treated me with the utmost respect and compassion. Sandy's professionalism instilled enough confidence in me to handle a very difficult stage in my life without having to bear reprimands or judgement.

Hart B

I went to Bromwich & Smith Inc for the first time today. It was in the North End of the city and is very easy to get to by car,bus or the Train. I met with Peter and I found him to be honest and upfront and very professional. He was very knowledgeable and informative, I left there feeling knowledgeable myself,and very confident about my future. If you considering this option, I would definitely contact Peter to help with you decision.

Tammy T

If you're having money problems, go talk to these guys even if it's just to get advice. I was considering bankruptcy when I booked an opointment, found out I had other options to consider before bankruptcy. First day I talked to them I was able to sleep at night again instead of laying in bed thinking about what I was going to do or what was going to happen to me if I let my truck get repossessed. They don't look down on you, they don't judge you for your mistakes, they're there to help you.

Fish G

I spoke with Peter concerning our small business needs. He was strong in his terminology, willing to support and totally down to earth.
Approachable, kind and wise.
Best decision we could have made by contacting his offices. Before you lose it and fold your dreams, inquire for help.

Paulette G

Bromwich & Smith…You are the Best!!! I'd like to thank you all especially to PETER for helping me deal with my financial situation. I truly appreciate your excellent service and genuine concern. Your expertise and willingness to help are indeed amazing. You absolutely put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend Bromwich & Smith especially Peter to anyone who needed help.


My experience with Bromwich & Smith put all my worries at ease. They give YOU the tools you need to make steps in bettering your financial situation not only for the set term of an agreed 'Bankruptcy, or a 'Consumer Proposal', but beyond. They truly do act and abide by their core values, some of which include Integrity and Trust, and I was extremely satisfied by how comfortable they made me feel. Comfortable in the means of a changed mindset that is, and responsibility and knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. They push you to turn that light into a beacon that can shine into your future and continuously move forward in the right direction. Debt can be a very nasty thing to have and sucks, but Id recommend anyone to this company. Seriously let your stress go and give these guys a call, you definitely wont regret it because I know I don't!

Bryce H

I'm feeling really really grateful with this great and professional team. I had many months of not being able to sleep. As a new person living in this country I made many financial mistakes. When I realized where I was steping on. It was to late! A tide was on my neck. I didn't have any absolute idea about consumer proposal and when someone mentioned this option to me I hesitate many time before to choose any firm to help me out with this big deal. I really was afraid to face someone and explain to them what brings me into this situation. Finally I felt in the right hands and for my surprises they were all the time only concern how to take me out of this issues. I never imagined to find this warm understanding and help. They solve not only my future, they saved me money and time.
So if and advice helps you! Don't think to long in solve your debts. It's good to have this kind of help with very kind and professional people who immediately will be worry about you. Best luck !


first was recommended to visit Bromwich & Smith by a friend. When I first got to their office, the embarassment I felt was palpable; I was literally on the verge of tears. However, that soon changed. My trustee made me feel human again, that although I had made some mistakes, seeing them was a step in the right direction. I no longer felt alone. They helped me realize their is a light at the end of the tunnel. If your overwhelmed by debt and don't know where to turn, go no where further. They will be your guiding light, as they were for me!

Happy C

We were so happy to have this dedicated and professional team available to guide us through the options. Our proposal went very smooth due to ongoing support from the Bromwich & Smith team.

Gary O

I recommend them completely!! They treat as equal don't look down on you! Made me feel so welcomed ! Helped us out so fast . I can now say I can sleep at night thanks again !!! Look forward to working with you Peter!

Janet M

When we finally decided to get help with our debt issues, we not only received help, but we received wisdom. We are on the way to figuring out how to live within our means and not only found help, we found friendship. its nice to go somewhere and not feel pressured, to feel accepted and to know we were not alone in dealing with the situation we found ourselves in. I would highly recommend if you are struggling to make ends meat and need guidance to check out Bromwich & Smith, Inc. the guys are knowledgeable and straight up. there's no crap, it is what it is and they give you the options for you to make a educated plan on how to get out of debt and live debt free afterwards.

Desiree J

Talking about money and money mistakes can be very hard to do. The money counselors at Bromwich and Smith are open, non-judgmental and ready to listen. Taking the first step towards financial empowerment is a huge leap - this leap will be worth the risk because you will have great people on your side.

Sakimah K

When my wife and I were drowning in debt and we thought that we will never make it in this life, and we thought that going into Bankruptcy is unpreventable and we will lose everything, we took the decision to ask for help as our final move, and here is Bromwich & Smith, they were so nice to us and understanding our situation, giving us better options to gain our lives back and helping us on every step along the way. These guys are awesome and they have all the tools in hand which can help anyone to gain their life back and get out of debt no matter how complicated it may seem. If you have financial problems Bromwich & Smith should be your first step to gain your life back.

Amr F

Just when I thought there was nothing left I could do, I simply called Bromwich & Smith for my free over the phone consultation. By the end of the phone call, I was already feeling better about where my life could go. Within the week I was in front of my trustee. Shawn made my experience pain free and uplifting. I'm not going to lie, I left my appointment a little nervous, but more excited about my future. Now today my proposal was accepted by the courts with no meetings called, or refusal from any of my creditors. Today starts the day to the rest of my life. I feel like I can finally breathe again. This process has been the easiest, best thing I have done for myself and for the future of my Family. Thank You Shawn! I am happy to be living a DEBT FREE LIFE

Shannon J

When my husband and I first contacted Bromwich & Smith they were very pleasant and quite easy to talk to. They were also incredibly patient with my endless, and occasionally repetitive, questions and we never once felt like we were just another bad debt to deal with, as we had with other companies we contacted.

A heartfelt Thank-you! to everyone who was involved with our account; you all made this period of our life easier and we were able to navigate our options without stress or confusion

Kalee G

Doug helped us through deciding what to do about our debt and made it understandable and less scary. Sandy was super knowledgeable and accommodating, he drove all the way to us for our signing.

Alana H

They do really good work and try very hard for their clients.

Jerred P

Thank you for all the help you have given. Now I can move forward without a dark cloud always behind me.

Cheryl P

Sandy Lyons definitely cares about his clients, and people around him! Keep up the great work Sandy! I recommend Sandy to help you with the stress of those bills piling up - he will work with you to find a solution!

Jance K

From the first telephone conversation with Shawn, I felt a sense of relief. Sean helped me to release this incredible anxiety and pressure that was crushing me. I was finally able to talk about it and share my experience with my closest friend, my sister, whom I share everything with...except my financial situation that had gotten out of control. Thank you to Nadia, for leaning me in the right direction. Thank you to Amanda who treated me with kindness and respect. Thank you Shawn. Excellent

Brenda H

I have been falling farther and farther behind on my tax debt for several years. I had basically given up because I didn't have a clue what to do.I thought I was going to go to jail and have what little I had taken from me. Calling Bromwich & Smith was a last ditch effort to get answers.I am so glad I called.They assured me my life wasn't over and that I would get a new start. Things are about to change and I am so relieved.I am tired of my last thought at night and my first thought when I wake up,if I sleep at all,being about money and how much trouble I was in. Seriously,if you think it is completely hopeless give them a call.It will change your life.

Andrew R

I agonized over whether a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy would be the best route for me. Bromwich & Smith suggested the most workable solution for my situation and I know I am getting the very best counsel.

Dawn W

For those who are having hard times dealing with their debts,and getting stressed of constant call from collections,pay day loan companies..worry no more because Bromwich & Smith will be able to help you get back on track. They will help you and explain to you all the information in regards with your finances and debts.I would like to thank Mr. Shawn Stack and Sim Brar for helping me out I really appreciate all the help. Keep helping other people that are having hard times dealing with their debts.God bless to all of you at Bromwich & Smith.


After many years struggling with my financial situation I finally had the courage to look for help and found Bromwich & Smith. They helped me to get my financial life back in order. Thank you

Eddy G

Just a quick thank you to Garett, Karen and everyone in the office. My wife and I were struggling with our debt and after meeting with them we were able to do a consumer proposal that worked well for us as well as our creditors. I would 100% recommend Bromwich & Smith to anyone who wants and needs help with debt. The office was welcoming and we did not feel judged at all, so Thank you again

Jon B

It was a difficult decision to finally ask for help regarding our financial situation. During our first appointment we were treated with respect and made to feel comfortable while discussing our situation.

We left our first appointment feeling very hopeful about our future. We didn’t have to declare bankruptcy as Bromwich & Smith created a proposal to our creditors that was acceptable to all. We have been shown how to work from a budget, how to save no matter how small an amount and we now are on our way to a better future.

We can’t thank the people who worked with us enough. They are kind, considerate and very knowledgeable. We highly recommend Bromwich & Smith to help anyone through a difficult time.


After feeling lost and completely stressed, it was a great relief to find someone who was completely non-judgemental. Having someone explain all my options to me and helping with the pros and cons of every decision helped to make my choice easier.

From the initial meeting with Brian, to the counselling sessions with Shawn and Peter, I was made to feel completely at ease. Suggestions were made that will help me advance into the future with a greater sense of control over my decisions. Thank you so much for everything you have directed me to!


Bromwich & Smith provided excellent customer service, and helped me to understand the big picture when assessing my financial situation.
Peter was instrumental in helping me 'snap out' of the illusion that a good credit score is all that matters. In my case bankruptcy was the best option, and this company helped me to realize that.


I came to Bromwich & Smith to discuss debt resolution. I met with Peter Stack. Peter was very personable and made me feel very comfortable and he provided me with all the options that were available to me.
After my initial meeting I feel very optimistic about solving my debt issues.


Met with Andrew who is amazing. He explained everything from what the Firms duties are and what our duties are and what to expect. Andrew made us feel comfortable and confident that we will have our finances worked out and not be in this position again.

The people @ Bromwich & Smith are pleasant, personable, polite, considerate, understanding extremely knowledgable and caring, Thank You Andrew & Bromwich & Smith.


My only regret is that I didn't come sooner. Using a middle man costs more money for their fee as well as interest was accruing. Once I arrived I was treated with respect in an already stressful time.

I encourage you to come straight down to the trustee. There are more options than just bankruptcy.


Bromwich and Smith has really helped make my life and financial state less stressful.Thanks to their financial background and expertise I have learned about situations I can get out of.

Also the financial plan allows me to breathe without creditors continuously calling me.

I recommend any one who doesnt know where to turn when they have too many creditors harrassing them to give them a try.


Professional, helpful, and non judgmental. If you're in debt and don't know what to do, call them for help! You will be very happy you did.


This is long overdue but we had a meeting with Shawn at their south office and it was an excellent meeting with him. He made us feel comfortable and made us understand our options. We felt great leaving the place and was positive about dealing with our financial future. We highly recommend Bromwich and Smith to those who are feeling hopeless about their financial situation.


Super professional, Amazing service, I went to 2 other trustees and By far Bromwich & Smith out performed both companies. The made it easy and comfortable. thanks a ton.


After struggling for many years with my financial situation decided to take charge of it, I went online and found Bromwich & Smith inc, I decide to take the first step and called and it was the best decision I made. They helped me to the understand that everything was going to ok,

I'm really looking forward to a fresh start.”


I was considering bankruptcy, my brother told me to look into a consumer proposal. I was referred to this company and its amazing. They are super helpful and I will be debt free soon!! You should speak with a trustee and get information if you are having debt problems! Thanks Shawn and Peter!!”


This service was excellent. We did not know what to do when I got cancer and could no longer work.

This company walked us through a proposal and answered all of our questions with compassion and expertise. The staff was professional and put you at ease during a very difficult time. We can't thank them enough.


Excellent service, walked me throughout the process of a proposal step by step and made me feel comfortable in a time in my life when I didn't know what to do.


Everyone right from the beginning, starting with Renata who took my call, made me feel comfortable and at ease. I did not know about consumer proposals.

Thank you all ,for your compassion and expertise.


Speak to a trustee before you take any action. The people at Bromwich and Smith were very knowledgeable and took their time to address my needs. I signed a consumer proposal which was accepted by my creditors and I'm working towards becoming debt free. Comfortable and easy experience, I have already recommended it to a friend who is in a similar situation. Five Stars.


Awesome!! Awesome! Gave invaluable information, friendly atmosphere. These people helped me get a handle on a scary situation that I thought I had under control...BUT didn't! Give these guys a call you would not regret it.


All of the people at Bromwich and Smith has been Great. Shawn was very knowledgable and more importantly non-judgemental. He made me feel comfortable while talking about a very difficult subject. I liked the way he just 'told it like it is', no sugar coating!!! I would 100% refer people to this firm. OUTSTANDING!


When my husband and I first contacted Bromwich & Smith they were very pleasant and quite easy to talk to. They were also incredibly patient with my endless, and occasionally repetitive, questions and we never once felt like we were just another bad debt to deal with, as we had with other companies we contacted.

A heartfelt Thank-you! to everyone who was involved with our account; you all made this period of our life easier and we were able to navigate our options without stress or confusion.


The staff were friendly and very informative. They offered great advice and future tips as well. I would recommend to someone else if they were looking for someone to talk to. Great help


After I my initial talk with the staff of Bromwich & Smith met Shawn, most understanding and passionate man who is there to help when we are in need. For me was hardest thing to make decision, many sleepless nights and days. Sometimes in life we have to look forward and not despair and suffer anymore because of circumstances that lead us in difficulties. I wish every one to have courage and come forward, when needed help.I did it and glad now that I can breathe and leave all my worries. Thank You


My first time talking with a counsellor of Bromwich & Smith I met Peter, Made me fell like a real person, not a loser because I had financial problems. Now I can live my life stress free. I would recommend Bromwich & Smith to anyone who faces a hard time financially.


I thought that the only way I could get out of this mountain of debt that I had was to go bankrupt. After talking to Shawn at Bromwich & Smith, he explained to me that there were other options available to me that I knew nothing about. He told me about this program called a Consumer Proposal which was a way of dealing with my debt problem without going bankrupt! I just make one payment a month now with no interest, this I can handle! These people at Bromwich & Smith are TERRIFIC!


A necessary service for trying times. Very professional and informative. I would recommend them for any credit challenges. I was very unimpressed by the collections tactics used by creditors that are quick to lend and even quicker to railroad your life when the wheels fall off. High interest rates by lenders more then cover bad debt but it also appears to cover un professional collections efforts. Bromwich and Smith cut to the chase and aligned all creditors. Highly recommended.


They where very kind and understanding and walked me through the process. I can never thank them enough for how they helped me get my life financially back to not being contacted by creditors all the time. they where amazing and I would recomend them highly.


So distraught, I wasn't even able to make the appt myself. I was met with an understanding smile and respect. Lucky enough to meet with Sean directly I was immediately put at ease, my fears subsided and my self esteem restored. I was given such clear options with both of our positions defined. No hidden fees no hidden costs that some may accuse! I feel my life is on track now and I did not fail, I am restructuring my financial aspects. I implore anyone before they lose sleep worry themselves without need go see Sean and his team let the experts put you at ease there is no commitment in talking to them. I cannot promote or thank them enough I can sleep at night again and feel no anxiety, I should have done this sooner. Once again thank you for all that you do Bromwich and Smith.


My husband and I found ourselves in a terrible financial bind after a couple of years of unforeseen medical and financial problems, that left us wondering as seniors if we were going to lose our home and farm. The financial burden we had was unbearable. Our excellent credit rating went to "not so great" credit rating in a matter of a year. We found our way to Bromwich & Smith. Our initial meeting with Shawn and Peter left us with many questions answered. They explained the pros and cons very well and were explicit in answering the many questions we had. Talking about debt problems is not an easy thing to talk about but with Shawn and Peter, it was easy. We were so scared of the thought of going into bankruptcy and thought we had no option. Well there was and our proposal was accepted. Now we can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy life instead of getting up each day wondering if this would be the last day you slept in our house.
Do we recommend these folks? We certainly do.

Kat B
Credit counselling testimonial

Bromwich & Smith Inc BBB Business Review