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Credit Counselling Services

Creating a Budget can be difficult, especially if you have never done it before. This is what Credit Counsellors are really terrific at: helping you create a budget. Plus, if your Credit Counsellor is also part of a team of Consumer Proposal Administrators and Licensed Insolvency Trustees, like the Credit Counsellors at Bromwich & Smith,  then your Counsellor has access to a number of powerful legal options that can put you back on the path to being debt free.


Since 2002 the Credit Counsellors here at Bromwich & Smith have helped people just like you to not only create a working budget, but they have also helped to immediately stop collection calls, creditor harassment, wage garnishments, asset seizure, and even income tax collection through a forced settlement process called a Consumer Proposal!


Since we are an Officer of the Court there are absolutely no administration fees payable by you (because we get paid as an independent Federally Licensed Administrator through a government tariff). Not only is there no cost to you for our services, but because of the nature of our Government Appointment we are able to help you force a no interest settlement on your creditors, often for less than the total amount that you owe. Sound too good to be true? It`s the Law and the creditors have to respect it.

Other credit counselling companies offer a solution called a Debt Management Plan. This is when the credit counselling company helps you to create a budget and then they attempt to negotiate a settlement with all of your creditors as a group (usually with a reduced interest rate payable). If they are successful in reaching a compromise with all of the creditors on your behalf, you make the payment to the credit counselling company and once you pay off all of the debts (and the administration fees to the credit counselling company) you are debt free. These administration fees can vary from company to company, so you should feel comfortable in asking the credit counsellor about the fees and the credit counsellor you are speaking to should feel comfortable in talking about them.



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