Bankruptcy & Consumer Proposal Questions & Answers


Experiencing debt problems and looking for a solution? The good news is, there are options. Read below to see what options may be available to you.  You will find General Questions and Answers directly below, and sections specific to Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcy.

Take a look at the resources below and then please give us a call. We will go over the specifics of your financial situation with you and help you determine what debt solution is best for you.
Who Will Know About Me Filing A Bankruptcy Or A Proposal?
What Happens To My Cosigners?
What Happens To My Cash Savings?
What Happens To My Credit Rating?
How Is My Family Affected?
Can I Get Rid Of My Student Loans?
Can I Keep My Car?
Can I Keep My House?
Are There Debts I Still Have To Pay?
Do I Go To Jail If I Don't Pay My Debts?
Can I Assume My Spouse's or Partner's Debt And Then File A Bankruptcy Or A Proposal?
How Do I Choose The Right Professional?
What Information Should I Disclose If I Think I Need Debt Restructuring Help?
Why Should I Get A Bank Account At A Bank I Don’t Owe Money To?
I Have Bad Credit. Can I Still Get A Bank Account?
Do I Have To Disclose All Of My Creditors?
If I Engage Bromwich & Smith Can Creditors Still Come After Me?
I Am Being Sued. Can Bromwich & Smith Stop This?
A Creditor Has A Court Order Judgment Against Me. What Can I Do?
A Creditor Has Registered A Writ On My Home. How Do I Get This Off?
I Filed With Another Trustee And Am Not Happy With Them. Can I Switch To Bromwich & Smith?
I Owe Maintenance Enforcement. Will This Debt Go Away?
I Owe A Judgment Due To Damage I Caused While Driving Uninsured. Will this go away?
Will My Employer Find Out That I Received Help From Bromwich & Smith?
Can I Sell Or Transfer My Property Before I File A Bankruptcy Or A Proposal?
I Cosigned A Debt For Someone And They Filed A Proposal Or Bankruptcy. What Can I Do?
Will My Creditors Be Mad If I File A Bankruptcy Or A Consumer Proposal?
How Much Can I Spend On Entertainment And Sports For Myself And My Children?
What Happens If I Die While In A Bankruptcy Or A Proposal?


Considering filing a consumer proposal? Before taking action on eliminating your debt, it helps to know what options may be available to you. We've included some basic information about the Consumer Proposal process below. Take a look and then give us a call. We'll help you with the details and get you on the right path to solving your debt problems today.
How Long Does A Consumer Proposal Affect My Credit Rating?
How Much Is The Least Amount Of Debt I Must Owe Before I Can File A Consumer Proposal?
How Much Do I Have To Pay Bromwich & Smith For Consulting services For My Proposal?
What Is The Smallest Amount Of The Debt I Can Pay Back In A Consumer Proposal?
When Do My Creditors Stop Contacting Me?
Why Do I Have To Attend 2 Counselling Sessions?
Can I Pay Off My Proposal Early?
If My Situation Changes in The Future Can I Change My Proposal?
Someone Owes Me Money And They Filed A Proposal. What Can I Do?
I Was In A Debt Management Plan But Missed The Payments. Can I File A Consumer Proposal?


Is a Bankruptcy the best solution for eliminating your debt? To help you understand the bankruptcy process, we've included some basic information below.

When you are ready, give us a call. The credit counselling professionals at Bromwich & Smith will examine your specific financial situation and help you determine which debt solution is best for you. We are here to help you find the best solution to eliminate your debt problems today.
How Long Will My Bankruptcy Last?
What Does “Discharge” Mean?
What Is An Automatic Discharge?
What Are The Duties Of Bankrupt?
What is a Surplus Income Obligation?
If I Am Bankrupt Why Do I Have To Pay Anything?
What Is A Pre-Bankruptcy Tax Return?
Who Gets My Tax Refunds & GST Refunds?
Should I Use Up All My Available Credit Before I Go Bankrupt?
Will I Lose The Things I own?
Can I Travel Outside Of Alberta Or Canada If I Am Bankrupt?
How Will Bankruptcy Affect Immigration Sponsorship?
Will Bankruptcy Effect My Canadian Citizenship Application?
Can I Go Bankrupt More Than Once?
Can I Get Rid Of Debts Owing To Canada Revenue Agency For Taxes?
I Went Bankrupt Before And Didn’t Do My Duties. What Can I Do?
What Is A Pre-Bankruptcy Tax Return?
Should I File A Provisional Tax Return?
Someone Owes Me Money And I Want To Put Them Into Bankruptcy?
Someone Owes Me Money And Says They Went Bankrupt. What Can I Do?
Can I Save Money If I Am In Bankruptcy Or Will My Creditors Get To Take It?
Can My Friends And Family Help Me Financially If I Go Bankrupt?

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